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Earrings and necklaces to complete your outfit!
Blooming flower earring - LA NICOSA

Blooming flower earring

Butterfly cluster earring - LA NICOSA

Butterfly cluster earring

Butterfly Cross Dangle Earring - LA NICOSA

Butterfly Cross Dangle Earring

Circle of beads earring - LA NICOSA

Circle of beads earring

Circle of love earring - LA NICOSA

Circle of love earring

Classic star earring - LA NICOSA

Classic star earring

Cross earring - LA NICOSA

Cross earring

Double star earring - LA NICOSA

Double star earring

Fantastic stud earring-set of 6 - LA NICOSA

Fantastic stud earring-set of 6

Floral stud earrings - LA NICOSA

Floral stud earrings

Flower dangle earring - LA NICOSA

Flower dangle earring

Geometric Crystal Earring - LA NICOSA

Geometric Crystal Earring

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